A bit about me, I am a happy person can have depressing moments love dogs and all animals i love anime my favorite anime is fairy tale i am taken. i am a nice person at first but don't make me mad okay and if you have a crush on me tell me please i won't judge and i love music and do not touch my man i love him a lot and i do not wish to lose him and i only take people into my life that won't hurt me. I am strong and brave i am silly and i love to sing and i will fight for my friends. One thing if I tell you something secret don't spread it cause karma is my friend and it can get ugly, and one more thing i am a child of the moon and I'm Pagan which means i study witchcraft i believe in gods and goddesses i do not believe in god so please we can talk about Religion butt please don't pressure me Thanks.


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  • One punch man
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    Attack on titan
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    Apr 13 '17
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  • Anyone else bored
  • "Everything is made but with what scars are made from cuts cuts are made from what the razor or nature it depends on who you are and if your strong enough to fight those demons each day to keep from leaving those who love you" ~Just a quote of the night
    Apr 12 '17
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  • There are scars that tell a story and scars that have no story i have the scars that tell a life of stories and i'm proud of my beautiful scars if you have scars just know keep fighting don't stop fighting
  • "every time I count my scares. I think and think why, but then i look one more time and then I say because it was the only way for the pain to go away." ~Scars
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