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Why are boys so complicated, I mean today I sort of spread a REALLY messed up rumor, I thought he would be mad at me but I think he's happy, HOW???, after my friend left for enrichment he came and sat in her desk which is next to mine and played a game with me, I thought he'd be so mad at me that he would never talk to me again but NO he started making jokes and stuff. If I had one wish it would be to understand the male mind.
Bluetopaz2223 Mar 10 · Comments: 7
Hey guys a new episode of shomin sample is coming out.if you don't know shomin sample it is a good harem romance comedy anime.
Kirito21 Dec 16 '15 · Comments: 4
this is my "Arrow man" sketch.Basically he's a godly character that has the power to use all types of arrows and he is also able to shoot from his cannons on his shoulder and from his hands.If you guys think I should continue drawing Arrow man or possibly other characters (from some anime shows) or some other characters that don't exist  I will make them real,  I am open to suggestions.
Kirito21 Jan 8 '16 · Comments: 2
I just finished some new anime I've been watching for a while now!! I finished the following 1. Fairy Tail 2. Black Butler (A new movie is coming out for this in 2017!!! About Grell mostly) 3. Kyo Kara Maoh!! They were all very enjoyable to watch so I say watch them there great. I am also happy because this christmas I got some manga books such as 1. Assassination Classroom 2. Noragami 3. Blue Exorcist Sad I already watched th animes for Noragami and Blue exorcists though I finished a manga called Yona of the Dawn as well. I Hope Everyone Had A Great Christmas As Much As I Did!!!!! <3 <(") <3
RosaLock13 Dec 30 '16 · Comments: 1

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